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Knowledge Brief

What is it? A tool to ensure excellence in insights acquisition, translation and infusion/commercialization Defines the marketing problem/opportunity, list the hypothesis and/or specific questions to be addressed Sizes the opportunity, provides context for the  investment/risk, prioritization Identifies standards of action Specifies methodology prior to fielding research Specifies Action Standards before the findings are presented Serves […]

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Strategic Planning Resource

Often in facilitating a strategy session, members can become distracted trying to differentiate between objectives, strategies and tactics. Adhering to strict definitions gets in the way of generating strategic alternatives. The Ladder of Abstraction helps participants generate Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics. I invite you to use this tool next time you are generating strategic […]

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Strategic and Marketing Plan Facilitation

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Must see: Sam Ritcher video

Sam Ritcher’s vedio is a must see for anyone in business intellegence, sales or conducting a carreer refresh.

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Creative Strategy

We use the following creaive brief when helping clients design and test creative. Strategy Brief and Creative Work Plan Brand: _________________________ Date: _________________________ Target Audience Primary Demographics: Psychographics: Secondary (if applicable) Demographics: Psychographics: Competitive Framework Description of major competitors and positions could even incorporate shares. Discuss possible opportunities and challenges presented in competitive environment. Positioning Statement […]

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