Strategic Planning Resource

Often in facilitating a strategy session, members can become distracted trying to differentiate between objectives, strategies and tactics. Adhering to strict definitions gets in the way of generating strategic alternatives. The Ladder of Abstraction helps participants generate Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics.

I invite you to use this tool next time you are generating strategic alternatives.  Thank  you Roger Firestien, Suzanne Chamberlin and Jonathan Vehar.

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Kathleen Turner (Kathy Yeaton), MBA, President of i2s Advantage (formerly Marketing & Research Partners, based in Dallas Texas), helps Fortune 500 and start-up organizations create and sustain a competitive advantage and build value. Kathleen is a frequent writer and speaker in numerous associations. Contact Kathleen for other articles or more information at 214-632-0183, via email, or visit i2S Advantage online at
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