Knowledge Brief

What is it?

  • A tool to ensure excellence in insights acquisition, translation and infusion/commercialization
  • Defines the marketing problem/opportunity, list the hypothesis and/or specific questions to be addressed
  • Sizes the opportunity, provides context for the  investment/risk, prioritization
  • Identifies standards of action
  • Specifies methodology prior to fielding research
  • Specifies Action Standards before the findings are presented
  • Serves as an abstract for planning / situation analysis and assist in infusion of knowledge/insights for new team members and cross fertilization


  • Great solutions begin with the best possible problem definition
  • Garner stakeholder agreement, manages expectations and helps ensure human capital and capital investments are aligned with enterprise goals
  • Imposes a discipline on the spend and levels the extended staff (vendors), paves the way for consistency of methods, norms, etc.
  • Provides a key-word, searchable brief for new team members,  cross-functional knowledge sharing, situation analysis (reduces redundant  investment)
  • Provides a way to determine efficacy of our consumer insight investment dollars (at the end of the day, are we affecting  decisions/ Converting knowledge into decisions that result in GROWTH)


BLANK Knowledge Brief

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