Creative Strategy

We use the following creaive brief when helping clients design and test creative.

Strategy Brief and Creative Work Plan

Brand: _________________________

Date: _________________________

Target Audience




Secondary (if applicable)



Competitive Framework

Description of major competitors and positions could even incorporate shares. Discuss possible opportunities and challenges presented in competitive environment.

Positioning Statement

How do you want target market to perceive the brand relative to competition, i.e., new, unique, for every day use

Advertising Objectives

Goals such as stimulate trial, increase purchase frequency, convert Brand X users, etc.

Essential Message

Primary reason why you are asking consumers to buy your brand. List one principle benefit.

Support Elements

Supporting reasons why people might believe your “essential message.” Gives the consumer permission to believe.

Brand Character

Brand character or image, i.e., exciting, adventuresome, serious, trusted, etc.

Benefits of Use

Benefits that are critical to the Brand’s unique positioning. Functional or tangible. This is where Laddering can make a huge diference!

Emotional/less tangible (i.e., status)

What you would like the consumer to playback if asked to tell a friend about the product.

This may be a combination of essential elements and support elements, but forces it to be verbalized in “consumer use” not “marketing use.” Include old consumer beliefs if you are trying to change a current belief.

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