What Our Clients Say

What differentiates i2S, formerly known as M&RP, from other similar companies is the initiative and personal attention that is given to each project. Perhaps what singularly defines the quality of a relationship between two companies is the individual level of integrity that is shared. In the case of i2S, they have not only proven to be honest, but dependable, accurate, and respectful of TRW’s business and its goals. This high level of integrity permeates all areas of i2S work, and manifests itself by its results.

Kathleen consistently has exceeded my expectations for quality, timeliness and adherence to budget. Her combined research and marketing management experience allows her the unique intuition of knowing what her marketing management clients want and need. Lastly, it is perhaps Kathleen’s personal characteristics which most distinguish her work. Her dedication to my complete satisfaction on all projects, coupled with an unusual personal commitment and creative problem solving approach has earned Kathleen a place on the Ernst & Young team.

i2S, formerly known as M&RP, has creatively helped me in several jobs to quantitatively and qualitatively achieve strategic research objectives, many times on sensitive, difficult subjects. Their strength is in looking beyond the obvious to opportunities for significant marketing differential, positioning and subsequent business success.

In addition to high quality research standards, the most impressive aspect of having you as a research partner is the strategic view that you provide. The information collected “came alive” with your interpretation.

Thank again for all your efforts Monday and Tuesday and through out these 3 years. Your ability and willingness to improvise repeatedly based on less than ideal conditions enabled us to capture some great insights from fans.

Kathleen and her team have gained our trust and confidence when it comes to handling our marketing issues. They bring a keen insight and approach when it comes to determining consumer’s attitudes and behaviors and creating new profitable product lines. i2S, formerly known as M&RP, helped us re-imagine our new product development process. I highly recommend them.

We would not have put the resources behind our new product if it were not for the contributions of Kathleen and her staff. It was a successful launch and i2S helped us make that happen.

I have worked with i2S, formerly known as M&RP, for seven years. The company offers strategic thinking as well as technical expertise in marketing research/insights. I highly recommend i2S if you require a creative insight that addresses both research and business objectives, strict adherence to quality standards, actionable results and marketing insight.