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Elevate Your Practice in 30 Seconds

(Reprinted from Legal Marketing Association Strategies) People listen for their reasons, not yours. ~ Peter Ducker What is a “30-second Commercial?” A “30 second commercial” or “elevator speech” is a brief, targeted and emotionally impactful explanation of what you do. Effective commercials grab the attention of your audience, motivate them to ask more and can […]

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Designing Effective Survey Instruments

Today law firm marketers, executive directors and managing partners are experiencing the power of marketing research. According to a 2001 study by Concord, MA. based Expertise Marketing, professional service firms that conduct formal market research report they are two to nearly five times more effective at attracting and retaining clients. The goal of any research […]

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Creating Demand – Laddering

“Marketing is the art of making someone want something you have” – The Internet Nonprofit Center (1999) Understanding consumer or client needs and values is key to making someone want what you have. This article provides a simple, practical approach to understanding what your client’s value. For marketers, achieving a positive purchase decision depends on […]

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Creative Strategy

We use the following creaive brief when helping clients design and test creative. Strategy Brief and Creative Work Plan Brand: _________________________ Date: _________________________ Target Audience Primary Demographics: Psychographics: Secondary (if applicable) Demographics: Psychographics: Competitive Framework Description of major competitors and positions could even incorporate shares. Discuss possible opportunities and challenges presented in competitive environment. Positioning Statement […]

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Are You Using All the Tools in Your Toolbox?

(Reprinted from Legal Marketing Association Strategies) As marketers, marketing partners and managing partners, our job is to identify and satisfy our clients’ needs and wants. Marketers have at their disposal a number of tools to accomplish these goals: Communication strategies, pricing strategies and new product and service development are just a few ways we help […]

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Protecting Your Turf

Ideally, line extensions should extend the brand’s franchise (Reach), increase volume of usage (Frequency) and minimize cannibalization (Duplication). TURF is a product line extension model based on media concepts of reach and frequency. The application of these measurements in TURF provides an estimate of market potential (Reach and Frequency) which allows the marketing manager to […]

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Marketing Research For Non-Research Professionals: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Do you ever feel that your research department or supplier is speaking a foreign language? Well you are not alone. Many marketers are not familiar with the terms use in marketing research. By popular request we compiled some of the most frequently used terms for our non-research clients who have inquiring minds. Types of Research […]

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Dynamic Price Sensitivity Pricing

How to Make The Most From Your New Product or Service One of the most frequent objectives of any new product or service introduction is to contribute to the organizations profit potential. Profitability often depends minimizing the cost of goods and maximizing the price and demand. This article discusses a relatively new approach to help […]

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Defined

One of the most common mistakes non-researchers make is not understanding when to use Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research methods. This article briefly defines each technique and explains where each technique is appropriate. Qualitative research is the “collection of in-depth, non-numeric data, traditionally collected face-to-face in an unstructured manner.” This form of research is primarily concerned […]

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