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Kathleen Turner (Kathy Yeaton), MBA, President of i2s Advantage (formerly Marketing & Research Partners, based in Dallas Texas), helps Fortune 500 and start-up organizations create and sustain a competitive advantage and build value. Kathleen is a frequent writer and speaker in numerous associations. Contact Kathleen for other articles or more information at 214-632-0183, via email KatTurn@gmail.com, or visit i2S Advantage online at www.i2sadv.com.
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Marketing Research For Non-Research Professionals: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Do you ever feel that your research department or supplier is speaking a foreign language? Well you are not alone. Many marketers are not familiar with the terms use in marketing research. By popular request we compiled some of the most frequently used terms for our non-research clients who have inquiring minds. Types of Research […]

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Dynamic Price Sensitivity Pricing

How to Make The Most From Your New Product or Service One of the most frequent objectives of any new product or service introduction is to contribute to the organizations profit potential. Profitability often depends minimizing the cost of goods and maximizing the price and demand. This article discusses a relatively new approach to help […]

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Defined

One of the most common mistakes non-researchers make is not understanding when to use Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research methods. This article briefly defines each technique and explains where each technique is appropriate. Qualitative research is the “collection of in-depth, non-numeric data, traditionally collected face-to-face in an unstructured manner.” This form of research is primarily concerned […]

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