Protecting Your Turf

Ideally, line extensions should extend the brand’s franchise (Reach), increase volume of usage (Frequency) and minimize cannibalization (Duplication). TURF is a product line extension model based on media concepts of reach and frequency.

The application of these measurements in TURF provides an estimate of market potential (Reach and Frequency) which allows the marketing manager to optimize the product line offering and minimizing consumer overlap (Duplication).

TURF estimates three critical measures:

  • Reach: How many consumers will purchase each line extension?
  • Frequency: Volume or frequency of purchase?
  • Overlap: Purchase intent duplication

Call today to learn more about how TURF can help your company maximize your undulicated reach and frequency.

About Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner (Kathy Yeaton), MBA, President of i2s Advantage (formerly Marketing & Research Partners, based in Dallas Texas), helps Fortune 500 and start-up organizations create and sustain a competitive advantage and build value. Kathleen is a frequent writer and speaker in numerous associations. Contact Kathleen for other articles or more information at 214-632-0183, via email, or visit i2S Advantage online at
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